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techbd71.xyz Our target is to make internet a learning place and we want to give chance to peoples to share their knowledge about technology by using our website. DotexShop believes that knowledge is only for sharing. So if any one know something about technology and wants to share will be always welcome to DotexShop family and if any one wants to enrich knowledge about technology also always welcome to our website.

My Opinion

This is my 3ed personal blog website. I have started this website for sharing knowledge to all. Because in this 21 th century Knowledge is Power. So I share all kinds of knowledge that I know. So that people can know about technology, website, tips & trick, life style, mobile review. And also they can share other this knowledge. I love this. Because this is my hobby. I like to help another people. Finally this is my own website. And I will help as much as I can. Please pardons our mistakes & give your support and love. Thanks For Visiting Our Site.

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Ragib Hasan Abid.